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Friday, July 26, 2013

Back To School Givaway!!!

So this year is my oldest sons first year in school and like most parents I'm having the jitters and pre-anxiety attacks. My baby is growing up and I want it to slow down instead of speeding up! There is some fun to getting them ready at-least it is fun to me. Shopping for school supplies has always been a favorite thing for me and the best part of School shopping was getting new shoes! The shoes always completed the process and to me was a major part of it all.  

     Corporate Overview

  A billion-dollar global leader in the lifestyle footwear industry and a high-performance footwear brand, SKECHERS USA, Inc. designs, develops and markets more than 3,000 styles for men, women and children. SKECHERS' success stems from its employees, high-quality, varied product offering, diversified domestic and international distribution channels, and targeted multi-channel marketing.
My boys are just like any other boys their age, Heroes and anything that flashes and makes REALLY loud noises intrigues them. Boys' Hot Lights: Ibex - Humvee Light-Up Shoes. These are the shoes that my oldest son will be wearing to his first school year. My favorite thing about them is the Velcro strap. He hasn't really grasped the concept of tying his shoes just yet and this will also help with preventing the many trips that shoestrings can cause. By the way let's not forget that these bad boys light up! They are definitely made for boys did you see those grips?  Boys' Hot Lights: Damager - Police II Whoa there officer, I wasn't speeding! My little guy really loves these he is constantly walking through the house stomping his feet just so the lights will go off. There are quite a few neat things to these as well! For example the on and off switch (How amazing is that?!) yup! it's located on the strap. The grips are also great on these as well plus the lights are totally awesome! I mean if I could get these in my size i'd probably wear them. Who doesn't want there shoes to look like a patrol car?! There are tons and tons of other great shoes to choose from at Skechers.com but for now i'll stick with just these two. They are all really great and definitely worth the money!   Hey guess what! Skechers is such an amazing company they have offered one our readers a chance to win a child sized pair of shoes!! Just in time for Back To School!

 A Word From Me:
Wow!!! This sounds great!!! I seen this and wised I  had a pair. I know if my brothers were to see this they would want these shoes, too.
Get back to school with Skechers

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